The South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation, documentation and display of South Dakota's sports history.

Harold Goodell - Inducted 1975

Born in Fairfax, Iowa, in 1904. Moved to South Dakota at age 2. Colorado College of Chiropody. University of Wyoming. Goodell was associated with South Dakota Tech for 40 years, retiring as director of student health and director of athletics in 1970. He was president of the South Dakota Intercollegiate Conference for several seasons and was named to the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1959. Goodell introduced boxing and wrestling to the Tech sports program and at one time or another coached all varsity sports. Goodell, who wrote several articles on the treatment and care of injuries, was a ranking professional boxer at age 17. He refereed many fight cards. He also was one of the best referees in the West River during the days when basketball officials worked alone.

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